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Crowned Music

Debut Album
‘Home is Here’

Released on Dec 12th, 2016

Part of the journey we’ve been on at GodFirst Church has been simply to realise that what the Bible says about God’s love for us is actually true (that’s a shocker, we know, but bear with us). God is entirely good. He doesn’t have a mean streak. He doesn’t have ‘bad moods’. He doesn’t have ‘off days’. He is love – and He always will be. God’s anger against our sin was totally taken away from us by Jesus. He doesn’t keep a bit of wrath in His ‘holy back pocket’ to get out and wave threateningly at us when we make a bad decision. Every last scrap of our guilt and our shame was removed by Christ. God has personally and permanently adopted each of us. He is a good Father. Everything He does in our direction is because of His love for us. In everything that happens to us, He is working determinedly to do us good – and nothing is going to stop Him. Our Father accepts us. Our Father approves of us.   Oh, and our Father is the supreme ruler of the universe. We are His, and we can rest secure – at home in His love.

Availabile in most digital stores & streaming services (incl. Spotify, Google Play & Apple Music, etc.)

This album was made possible by the amazing support of our Alpha Backers via Kickstarter.

‘Sing to the Lord’ (Track 11 – full version)

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