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About Crowned

Crowned is a Collective of songwriters, singers and musicians from across Dorset, UK. It’s our aim to help bring fresh revelation of God as our Father, and of Christians as His royal sons & daughters.

Collective members

Crowned comprises the following songwriters, musicians and singers:

Mark Adkins // Mark Allery // Matt Bridle // Rachel Bridle // Stephen Browning
Jess Cosslett // Jo Lee // Andi Norton // Nikki Norton // Gary Todd // Josh White

About the Collective

The primary aim of the Collective is to help bring fresh revelation of the reality of God being our Father and us as Christians being His royal sons and daughters. Many of the members are based at GodFirst Church (in Dorset, UK), where we have lead worship for many years, writing original songs whilst on our journey with God. Some of these songs feature on our debut album.

‘Home Is Here’ is the first Worship Album produced by Crowned. It is the culmination of a shared dream, resting with individuals for more than 15 years. Like so many of us, we have often put to one side the dreams we had, for one reason or another. But now, with the right support network in place, we believed it was time to follow these dreams that God put in our hearts all those years ago.

Why Crowned?

God is royalty.  He is the most royal being who ever existed.  No power in the cosmos can challenge His authority.  No other title is greater than His Name.  He has in His hands the power of life and death.   He reigns with justice.  He rules with dignity.    He holds His head high and laughs.  He has the final word.

As Christians, we are sons and daughters of God.  We are brothers and sisters of King Jesus.  We have been chosen and adopted into God’s family because of His unprecedented love.  We are honoured princes and princesses, seated with Christ as He reigns in complete authority.  We are cherished children of the Most High. We have a Father who is crowned King over all, and our Father has crowned us with His love.

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